Sokhan-e-Siavoushan (Discourse of Siavoushan) Cultural – Social Journal – No 11 / Autumn and Winter 2022

Special Edition: Psychoanalysis and The Social

• Freud und Demokratie: Freuds Einsichten aus der psychoanalytischen Theorie / Peter Widmer / Iradj Esmaeilpur Ghuchani

• Freud und Demokratie: Freuds Einsichten aus der psychoanalytischen Kur / Peter Widmer / Hossein Modjtahedi

• Morality and the Death Drive / André Michel / Soheila Kiani, Kambiz Majidian

• The Moment of Present: Historiography, Repetition and Recollection / Arash Heydari

• Constructing The Social / Yannis Stavrakakis / Ali Hadavand

• Psychoanalysis and Anthropology: A Revisit / Emad Mortazavi

• An Introduction to ethno-psychoanalysis; Father? Which Father? A Positive Criticism on Universality of the Oedipus Complex / Iradj Esmaeilpur Ghuchani

• Five Years of Psychoanalysis in Cairo / Moustapha Safouan/ Farid Derafshi

• Memory, History and Forgiveness; A Conversation between Paul Ricoeur and Sorin Antohi / Mehdi Feyzi

• Late Heidegger and the Question of Psychotherapy / Farshid Moradian

• A Brother is Being Killed: Reflection on Fratricide / Hossein Modjtahedi

Special Edition: Nima Yooshij

• Climate Melancholia in Nima’s MakhOlay: Reflections on Historical Poetry and Time / Omid Mehregan

• Nima and Romantic Inversion / Navid Naderi

• Nima and Ancient Poetry Machine / Emad Mortazavi

• Life as an Allegory; Nima, an Allegorist after the “Last Allegorist” / Mohammad Javanmard

• A Conversation on Nima and “Manifesto of silences” / Amir Kamali, Mohammad Khalvandi and Mohammad Nazari


• New Introductory Lectures on Psychoanalysis / Sigmund Freud / Sina Amini Maghsoodbeigi and Shima Rahimi

• La Perversion / Jeanne Lafont / Farid Derafshi

• La Jouissance Masochiste / Geneviève Vialet Bine / Hesam Noghrechi

Interdisciplinary Reflections

• The Levels and Places of Signs in Roland Barthes’s Thought / Hesam Noghrechi

• From the Pleasure Principle to the Beyond, to Jouissance; the Floating Spirit within the Magic of “the Rose” / Mehdi Khooryanian, Hassan Makaremi and Narges Sharifzadeh

Psychoanalysis and Cinema

• The Voice of “Chigh”: the Story of a Metamorphosis, a Criticism on Archaism in “Chigh” Movie by Mohammadreza Aslani / Iradj Esmaeilpur Ghuchani

• Compulsion to Repetition; the Pleasure in Death-Killing / Leila Behnia and Mojtaba Arham Sadr

Psychoanalysis and Time

• Beyond the death drive: a closer look at the transitional time objects and transitional time phenomena / Ali Pajoohandeh

List of Contributors

• Peter Widmer: Doctorate in Psychology, A founder and previous member of Association for Freudian Psychoanalysis (AFP) in Europe (for German-speaking countries), founder, editor and author in RISS, Guest lecturer in psychoanalysis at the universities of Zurich, Colombia (US.) and Kyoto (Japan), founder and lecturer of ‘Seminars on Freudian-Lacanian Psychoanalysis’ at Zurich. Dr. Widmer is one of the first translators of the works of Jacques Lacan into German and has authored numerous works which have been translated into different languages, among them: Anxiety (A Commentary on The Seminar of Jacques Lacan Book X), and The Proper Name and Its Words.

• Andrè Michels: A Freudian-Lacanian Psychoanalyst and a Psychiatrist in Paris and Luxembourg; Co-Founder of Psychoanalytisches Kolleg; Member of Espace Analytique(Paris), Après-coup (New York), Author of Numerous Articles  in the Fields of Clinical Psychanalysis, Literature and Cultural Studies; Founder and Member of Editorial Board of Clinic of Psychoanalysis’s Collected Works.

• Iradj Esmāeilpour Ghuchāni: Doctorate in anthropology at the University of Munich, Free-lance researcher in the interdisciplinary field of anthropology and psychoanalysis.

• Soheilā Kiani: Doctorate in clinical psychology and a Lacanian psychoanalyst, member of psychoanalytischesKolleg.

• Hassan Makāremi: Paris-based Lacanian psychoanalyst and researcher at Sorbonne Université.

• Farshid Moradian: A Ph.D. in Psychology; Psychotherapist; a member of the Coining Psychological Words Group in the Academy of Persian Language and Literature; the Translator of “Magic and the Mind”, “Mastering the Inner Skills of Psychotherapy”, and “Heidegger and the Question of Psychology”.

• Jeanne Lafont: A Paris-Based Psychoanalyst; A Ph.D. in Philosophy with Doctoral Dissertation on “The General Freudian Schemes”; the Author of books such as “Topology of Lacan”, “The Fates of Children who Begin to Talk” and “Language as Space”.

• Arash Heidari: A Ph.D. in Cultural Sociology. A Faculty Member and Head of Department of Cultural Studies in University of Science and Culture. A Scholar in the fields of Geneology, Social Theory and Psychoanalysis. The Author of “Subversive Reading of Iranian Despotism” and Co-author of books such as “Althusser’s Question”, “The Avent of the Genre of Habits in Iran”, “Kahrizak: theOutside of Inside of Tehran” and “The Problem of Science and Human Science in Darolfonoon during the NaseriPeriod”.

• Geneviève Vialet-Bine: A Doctor of Law and Graduated in Psychology from Université de Montpellier; An Honorary Professor in University; A Psychoanalyst in Paris; The Director of Clinical Group in Psychoanalytic Seminars in Paris; A Member of Psychoanalytic and Medical Association (AMP).

• Hesam Noghrehchi: An Author, Translator and Researcher in Literary Theory and Epistemology of Human Science; a Phd Graduated in Comparative and French Literature from Sorbonne Nouvelle University; and a Former Professor in Literary Theory at Sorbonne Nouvelle University.

• Emad Mortazavi: An Author and Translator who is Garduated in Philosophy from CRMEP in London; a PhdStudent in Anthropology at McGill University in Canada.

• Omid Mehregan: Interdisciplinary Humanistic Studies Graduate with a Concentration on the Aesthetic Theory of German Tradition from John Hopkins University. Currently Teaching Philosophy at Fordham University, New York. His Books and Translations: Theology of Translation: Walter Benjamin and the Translator’s Task (2013), Prosaic Ideas (2012), A Commentary on a Passage of Walter Benjamin, Translator of some of the writings of GyörgyLukács (The Historical Novel, Studies on Faust), Co translator of some of the writings of Walter Benjamin, Theodor Adorno and Max Horkheimer.

• Navid Naderi: Literature Graduate from Duke University. A Scholar in the fields of Philology, World Literature, and Persian Contemporary Literature. Currently working on a project on the forming of the national space of literature in Iran named “The Story of Geography”. A University Professor of Persian and English Literature.