Sokhan-e-Siavoushan 13

Special Edition: Philosophical Reflections and Psychoanalysis:

The Poet’s Spirit and Absolute Literary History / Amir Kamali

The Encounter of Hegel and Kierkegaard / Saleh Najafi

Hans Loewald; between Freud and Heidegger / Jared Russell / Khashayar Davoodifar

Of Structure as the Inmixing of an Otherness Prerequisite to Any Subject Whatever / Jacques Lacan / Saba Ghabraei

Non-philosophy: a Slow Encounter with the Other / Morteza Karbalaeiloo

Completely Separate from Bodies / Iradj Esmaeilpour Ghouchani

Das Reale / Christian Kläu / Soheila Kiani and Hossein Modjtahedi

Lacan’s Myths / Darian Leader / Nouradin Hatami

Das Schema des masochistischen Begehrens / Rolf Nemitz / Armin Darabinejad

Es gibt kein Geschlechtsverhältnis: Das paradox der Liebe / André Michels / Ali Asghar Nazari

Mutter – Sprache oder die Geretette Zunge / Johanna Vennemann / Soheila Kiani and Hossein Modjtahedi

Special Edition: Ethics in Psychoanalysis:

L’éthique de la psychanalyse / Marielle David / Hessam Noghrehchi

Radical Openness: The Third Emerges as the Analyst is Moved / Anton Hart / Mojtaba Arhamsadr and Leila Behnia

Ethics: Poetics of Drives / Ali Hadavand

The Ethics of Interpretation in Psychoanalytic Session / Shirzad Babaei

The Professional Ethics of Psychotherapy in Social Sphere of Contemporary Iran: Challenges and Strategies / Farshid Moradian

Sitting behind a Virtual Window towards Psychotherapy: Ethical Questions in Online Analytical Group Therapy / Saeid Dabbagh e Qazvini

Psychoanalyst’s Moral Awareness regarding Mutual Transference in the Final Stage of Psychoanalysis / Afsaneh Rouberahan and Marzieh Rezazadeh

Ethics and Transgression of Therapeutic Boundaries: Pain and Suffering Experienced by Clients / Afshan Mohammadghashghaei

The Light and Shade of Psychoanalyst’s Ethical Boundaries/ Nastaran Seif and Mahsa Mahmoodi

Interdisciplinary Reflections:

National Imagination, Modernity, and Social Status in the Era of Tehran’s Capital: The Narrative of Music / Farshad Tavakoli

National Imagination, Modernity, and Social Status in the Era of Tehran’s Capital: The Narrative of History / Farzaneh Ebrahimzadeh