Instructor: Ebrahim Derakhshani

These Lectures are about Subjects such as: The Beginning, the Experience of Birth and the Primary States of Being; Mother and the Holding Environment; Transformation of Ego; Aggression; Aggression and the Use of Ego; The Capacity of Preoccupation and the Feeling of Guilty; The Mirror Role of Environment; The Capacity of Being Alone; The True Self and the False Self; The Lack of Relation and the Core of Being; The Object of Transition and The Phenomena of Transition; The Potential Space; To Play; Sexuality; The Dream, the Symbolization and the Creativity; the Creativity and the Cultural Experience; Setting and the Analytical Technic; The Fear of Breakdown; The Antisocial Tendencies; The Return in Analysis and the Negative Therapeutic Reaction; The Body and The Psych.

Note: This course includes 24 lectures which will be held on the second Thursdays of every month via Zoom.