Special Edition: Psychoanalysis and The Clinical

die Endliche Und die Unendliche Analyse / Sigmund Freud / Hossein Modjtahedi

The Problem of the Termination of the Analysis / Sándor Ferenczi  / Shima Rahimi

The Elasticity of Psycho-Analytic Technique / Sándor Ferenczi / Sina Amini-Maghsoudbeigi

Analysis Terminable and Interminable / Jean-Michel Quinodoz / Herier Danelian

Die Kunst des Deutens in der Psychoanalyse / Mai Wegener / Soheila Kiani, Hossein Modjtahedi

Un épisode délirant dans un cas d’hystérie / Claude-Noële Pickmann / Hesam Noghrechi

Clinique différentielle des perversions et des psychoses / Claude-Noële Pickmann / Hesam Noghrechi

Die Wiederholung: Ein psychoanalytischer Grundbegriff / Christian Kläui / Soheila Kiani, Hossein Modjtahedi

CORWEH / Johanna Vennemana / Soheila Kiani, Hossein Modjtahedi

Obsession and the Case of the Rat Man (Ernst Langer) / Bruce Fink / Maryam Vahidmanesh

The Unconscious, the Transference, and the Psychoanalyst’s Interpretation: A Lacanian View / Juan‐David Nasio / Armin Darabi Nejhad

Notes on Transference: Universal Phenomenon and Hardest Part of Analysis / Brian Bird / Houshang Jahanpanah

Be-Hand-Lung / Hossein Modjtahedi

On the Aim and End of Analysis in the Lacanian School, European Journal of Psychoanalysis / Raul Moncayo / Amirmohammad Bagheri

Special Appendix: Psychoanalysis and Time

Why “Time in Psychoanalysis”? / Ali Pajhouhandeh

A Note Upon the “Mystic Writing Pad” / Sigmund Freud / Mojtaba Mehranfar

A Closer Observation of the Pcpt-Cs. System in Freud’s Thinking and its Relation to Time Perception from a Neuroscientific Perspective / Ali Pajhouhandeh, Maryam Hadi, Raheleh Jafari

Time in “Beyond the Pleasure Principle” / Ali Pajhouhandeh, Maryam Hadi

Time as a Dimension of Affects. Journal of the American Psychoanalytic Association / Peter Hartocollis / Samira Naghedi-Mehr

Psychoanalytic Reflections

From Enemy Combatant to Strange Bedfellow: The Role of Religious Narratives in the Work of W. R. D. Fairbairn and D. W. Winnicott / Marie Hoffman / Leila Behnia, Mojtaba Arham-Sadr

Lost-Consciousness / Iradj Esmaeilpour Ghouchani

The Phobic And Fetish Objects / Stephanie Swales / Saba Ghabraei

  • Mai Wegener: A Berlin-Based Psychoanalyst. A Freudian-Lacanian Psychanalysis in Berlin and A Founder of Psychoanalytic Library Berlin. A Researcher in the Fields of Cultural Studies, History of Science, and Literature. She was graduated with a PhD in 2001 and her doctoral dissertation was titled “Neurons and Neurotics”.
  • Claude-Noël Pickmann: A Paris-based Lacanian psychoanalyst and member of Espace Analytique and Fondation Européenne pour la Psychanalyse, Dr. Pickmann has authored many papers on various psychoanalytical issues, particularly on hysteria.
  • Hesam Noghrehchi: An Author, Translator and Researcher in Literary Theory and Epistemology of Human Science; a Phd Graduated in Comparative and French Literature from Sorbonne Nouvelle University; and a Former Professor in Literary Theory at Sorbonne Nouvelle University.
  • Soheilā Kiani: Doctorate in clinical psychology and a Lacanian psychoanalyst, member of psychoanalytisches Kolleg.
  • Christian Kläui: A Psychoanalyst and Psychiatrist. A Member of Editorial Board of RISS Journal of Psychoanalysis. A Member of AFP. Some of his Writings are “Psychoanalytical Studies for a Clinical Theory” (2008) and “Death-Hatred-Language” (2017).
  • Johanna Vennemana: A Ph.D in Psychology, and Graduated in Language and Psychological Studies. A Psychoanalyst in Germany, Italy and France. A Co-Founder of Psychoanalytisches Kolleg and Freudian Psychoanalytical Association in German Speaking Countries (AFP); A Member of  L’Association Lacanienne Internationale (ALI).
  • Iradj Esmāeilpour Ghuchāni: Doctorate in anthropology at the University of Munich, Free-lance researcher in the interdisciplinary field of anthropology and psychoanalysis.