Special Edition on Dream, Psyche and Language

The language of dream expression from Muslim Philosophers and Mystics’ points of view

Seyed Hassan Khomeini – Seyed Mahmood Sadeghi

Reading Freud: An Exploration in “The Interpretation of Dreams” & “On Dreams”

Jean-Michel Quinodoz / Translated by Herayr Danelian

Considerable Psychoanalytical Concepts in the Book “Dream Interpretation”

Sina Amini Maghsoudbeygi

Book Review: I Dreamt of My Father Last Night: Culture of Dream in Kurdistan

Iraj Esmaeilpour Ghoochani

Erstes Gutachten zur Dissertation von Herrn Iraj Esmaeilpour Ghoochani über das Thema “Baba Ab Dad: The Phenomenology of Sainthood in the Culture of Dreams in Kurdistan with an Emphasis on Sufi of Qaderie Brotherhood”

Frank Heidemann

Dream and Literary Criticism

S. Hossein Modjtahedi


A Structural Perspective on Anxiety of the Other

Siamak Zarifkar

On the Development of Mental Functioning

Melanie Klein /Translated by Babak Roshanaii & Elina Khadivi Zand


A Psychoanalytic Perspective on “Dressage” (Pouya Badkoobe)

Sina Amini Maghsoudbeygi

A Peripheral Study: on “Vertigo” (Alfred Hitchcock)

Shervin Vakili


Moon and Mirror

Gholamhossein Motamedi

Reverie Spring

Amir Zanjani

List of Contributors

List of Contributors

Iradj Esmaeilpour Ghouchani

Doctorate in anthropology from University of Munich, Free-lance researcher in the interdisciplinary field of anthropology and psychoanalysis.

Siamak Zarifkar

Lacanian psychoanalyst, social psychology, sociology and political science from University of Honover.

Masoud Mehrpour

Neurologist, Faculty of Iran University of Medical Sciences, Chair of Stroke Association.

Hassan Makāremi

Paris-based Lacanian psychoanalyst and researcher at Sorbonne Université.

Mohammad Mobashery

Translator of various psychoanalytical titles from German into Persian such as Freud’s “Civilization and Its Discontents”, “Five Essays on the Technique of Therapy” (a compilation of Freud’s papers on technique) and “The Wisdom of Life” by Schopenhauer, Dr. Mobashery is also a physician and received his Doctorate degree from Universität Berlin.

Claude-Noël Pickmann

A Paris-based Lacanian psychoanalyst and member of Espace Analytique and Fondation Européenne pour la Psychanalyse, Dr. Pickmann has authored many papers on various psychoanalytical issues, particularly on hysteria.

Farideh Eisāvand

Studied Philosophy and Psychoanalysis at the London University, King’s College and the Middlesex University, as well as Center for Freudian Studies in London and was analysed by a Lacanian analyst from New Lacanian School (NLS). She has authored various papers in Persian and English on Freudian-Lacanian psychoanalysis.

Hādi Rahimi Dānesh

Member of International Psychoanalytical Association (IPA) and Swedish Psychoanalytical Association (Spaf), Swedish Center for Psychotherapy, Sweden’s Foundation for Group Analysis, Leadership & Organizational Studies. Besides other accomplishments, Dr. Rahimi Dānesh also holds a Ph. D. in psychology.

Hosseinali Nozari

Dr. Nozari earned his Ph. D in political sciences from University of Tehran. Besides being a university professor, he is also a theoretician in political sciences. He has published several titles such as Rereading Habermas, Formulating Modernity and Post-Modernity . He has also translated various titles, among them: Philosophy of history, methodology and historiography, The postmodern condition: a report on knowledge and A third world proletariat?

Gerard Pommier

A Lacanian psychoanalyst and Psychiatrist, Professor Emeritus of Université Paris 7 , Prof. Pommier is a founding member of Fondation Européenne pour la Psychanalyse (FEP) and member of Espace Analytique and a former protégé of François Dolto and Jacques Lacan.